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Beneath the Waves (ATOM Study Guide)

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An interactive documentary exploring one of Australia's most unique, spectacular and mysterious marine environments: the Kimberley.

Beneath the Waves is a freely available online interactive documentary project that presents unique insights into a series of scientific survey expeditions conducted by the Western Australian Museum. The embedded videos follow the scientists on their quest to better understand one of Australia’s internationally significant marine ecosystems – the Kimberley coast and the offshore waters out to the continental edge atolls. This vast region is home to one of the richest, most complex and unspoilt marine ecosystems on Earth. In a linked series of seven video chapters and embedded multimedia, Beneath the Waves tells the story of an epic undertaking to further our knowledge of this region’s marine natural history from start to finish. The scientists tell their stories, so the viewer can share in the practical difficulties, adventures and dangers, as well as the scientific purposes and achievements of these intrepid modern-day explorers. We share in the excitement of discovery and the gaining of new knowledge and, perhaps even more importantly, the methods employed by scientists to develop this knowledge.

Curriculum Links:
Beneath the Waves is suitable to studies of Science (Years 4–9) and Media Arts (Years 4–10), as well as the Cross-curriculum Priority of Sustainability, and the General Capabilities of Critical and Creative Thinking, and Ethical Understanding.

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