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Art House (ATOM Study Guide)

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Art House (Lisa Matthews, 2004) is a four part series that goes behind the closed doors of the Australian art auction world. In this series we meet the key players who buy and sell art in the ferociously competitive art scene.

The two international houses, Sotheby's and Christie's, have dominated the market until the recent rise of local newcomer, Deutscher-Menzies.

In the lead up to the August 2003 auctions we follow Christie's and Deutscher-Menzies as they battle for market share. The series investigates what goes on behind the scenes and the audience is privy to the modus operandi of the auction houses as they hunt for stock, visit clients, broker deals, organise the hanging of the paintings and preview parties in preparation for the big day where we see sixteen million dollars worth of paintings go under the hammer.

Along the way we meet the auctioneers, dealers, vendors, collectors and new investment buyers who inhabit the complex art world where the buying and selling of art has become a delicate melange of commerce and aesthetic sensibilities.

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