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    In his youth, he was a punk rock musician, with a reputation for making outrageous noise and for reckless onstage antics. Now he is a Buddhist monk with a wife and five-year-old son.

    While music is Jonen's passion, he has conformed to his father's expectations and pursued a spiritual rather than a secular life.

    When Jonen's speech at a career day at the local high school turns into a wild rant, the students and the school officials are shocked and confused. Jonen's outburst sends him into a deep depression. He becomes the subject of local gossip and his wife must deal with the public shame at her job at the local grocery store. Genshu, the chief monk at the temple where Jonen worships, is concerned and compassionate, as is Genshu's wife Asako. Jonen may be a troubled soul but he has much to offer. Genshu does not want to lose him.

    Jonen's erratic behaviour worries and exasperates his wife, Tae. She was relieved when he left his punk rock lifestyle behind. From her perspective, Jonen has responsibilities as a husband and as a father that must be honoured. Depressed, Jonen alienates himself from others and sleeps in for days at a time.

    Then Jonen has an epiphany. He cannot deny his punk rock past. The only way for him to find inner peace is to create music again and perform before an audience. Nobody can dissuade him. Genshu encourages Jonen to renew old acquaintances and play a gig in Tokyo. Jonen doesn't want to make a comeback in front of loyal fans. He needs to prove himself on home turf. With the help of his friend and local businessman Yohei, Jonen gets a gig at the Heart Karaoke Bar. Tae is still resistant to the idea but Jonen forges ahead without her approval.

    As the show nears and Jonen's optimism and enthusiasm return, even Tae cannot deny that the performance is a good idea. She encourages Jonen to buy equipment and relishes the positive impact the venture has on their family life.

    When Yohei commits suicide, Jonen becomes unsettled again. Desperate for a way forward, Jonen takes his guitar and amplifier to the ocean where he duels the crashing waves. Jonen does not win the battle but he does survive. He returns to Ryuun Temple and fulfills his responsibilities as a monk. He takes charge of the purification ceremony at Yohei's home and helps Yohei's son, Ryuta, come to terms with his regrets.

    At the last moment, small town prejudices threaten the performance. How can a Buddhist monk play rock music? Genshu challenges the conservatism of the locals and lets Jonen play in the grounds of the temple. The gesture is not only generous but signals the understanding that noise is the path to Jonen's nirvana.

    Abraxas is based on the novel Abraxas no Matsuri by Sokyu Genyu, a novelist and Buddhist monk.

    Abraxas is suitable for senior secondary students undertaking:

    • English
    • Film, Television and New Media
    • Japanese
    • Music
    • Religion and Ethics.

    Abraxas is suitable for students in Years 9 and 10 undertaking:

    • English
    • Japanese
    • Media
    • Music
    • Religious Education.Abraxas (2010) is a feature film directed by Naoki Kato.
      Language: Japanese with English subtitles
      Length: 113 minutes

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