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About Women (ATOM Study Guide)

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About Women is a three-part series framed around the question: what do women need to survive and thrive in twenty-first century Australia? Each fifty-two minute episode examines this broad topic from the perspective of three different age groups: young girls and women negotiating puberty; women in their child-bearing years facing complex decisions about reproduction; and elderly women finding the time and space to reflect on the meaning of life's journey.

The intimate portraits of the women we are privileged to meet in this series take us from birth to death and cover the full gamut of human (female) emotion. The series looks at the obstacles and opportunities encountered by a diverse group of women and girls. Exploring these individual stories highlights broader issues and themes (body image, identity, fertility, relationships) and places these in the context of the three major stages of a woman's life. The women are all at crossroads and the issues and challenges they confront – and the ways in which they endeavour to deal with them – provide a great insight into contemporary Australian society.

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