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Vocal Science for Elite Singers

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Once again, noted tenor, teacher, researcher, and operatic director, Joseph Talia, delves deep into the world of singing with this exploration of the voice. Having addressed at length persistent issues of voice production in his recent book History of Vocal Pedagogy, he now turns his mind to the benefits of vocal science.

He introduces a cavalcade of colourful historical characters whose diligent work and unrelenting pursuit of excellence have made a tremendous and enduring contribution to the art of singing, promoting a more direct, objective and secure route towards the goal of bringing elite singers and artists to fruition.

He analyses and clarifies the knowledge accruing from the early vocal scientists, including that from Ferrein, Müller, García, Mandl, Helmholtz, and having elaborated on its true value, he gives it perspective, and moves on to the contemporary scientists. Among the most notable of these modern scientists and pedagogues we find such modern luminaries as van den Berg, Bouhuys, Fant, Hixon, Rothenberg, Rubin, Appelman, Vennard, Miller, Sundberg, Titze and many others whom we encounter in the pages of this book.

Talia proclaims the value of physiologic and scientific work and is passionate about its possibilities, but is ultimately persuaded that in order to produce elite singers, this knowledge must be combined with intuition, and passion, balanced with a penetrating intellect and an unrelenting pursuit of greatness. Mediocrity in art, will never do.

Vocal Science for Elite Singers is a vital resource for voice teachers, vocal researchers, serious vocal students, and vocal connoisseurs.

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