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Understanding Sensory Processing Disorders in Children: A Guide for Parents and Professionals

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Everything we know about the world we live in starts with information we take in through the senses. This book explains the way our sensory system works and shows how small inefficiencies in this complex system can have a huge impact on a child's behaviour. Through easily relatable examples and metaphors, the book describes the variety of sensory processing differences that can occur in children in a jargon-free way and offers practical advice to help manage these differences. 
It explains how children's varying sensory thresholds - the point where a behavioural response to a stimuli is generated - affects the way they view the world. Each section includes occupational therapy evaluations of children with a range of sensory thresholds, and shows how this influences their behaviour through professional observation reports, offering a summary and recommendation for each child. Presented with a clear focus, without long lists of syndromes and symptoms, this is the ideal starting point for parents and professionals working with children with sensory processing issues.

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