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Toxic The Rotting Underbelly of the Tasmanian Salmon Industry

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In a triumph of marketing, the Tasmanian salmon industry has for decades succeeded in presenting itself as world's best practice and its product as healthy and clean, grown in environmentally pristine conditions. What could be more appealing than the idea of Atlantic salmon sustainably harvested in some of the world's purest waters?

But what are we eating when we eat Tasmanian salmon?

Richard Flanagan's exposé of the salmon farming industry in Tasmania is chilling. In the way that Rachel Carson took on the pesticide industry in her ground-breaking book Silent Spring, Flanagan tears open an industry that is as secretive as its practices are destructive and its product disturbing.

The contents of this book address caring about what we eat and about the environment as well as those things we aren’t told about, that include the burning forests of the Amazon, use of petrochemicals, the endangered species being pushed to extinction, synthetically pink-dyed flesh, seal bombs and so much more

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