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No Body's Perfect: A Helper's Guide to Promoting Positive Body Image in Children and Young People

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Body image doesn't discriminate gender or age. Yet its importance to our health, both mental and physical, is vital. A negative body image in childhood can lead to a lifetime of struggle and self-doubt.

In today's image-conscious world it is important that we help children and youngsters feel better about their bodies. No Body's Perfect is designed to do just that. Written for teachers, counsellors, parents, and carers, it promotes positive body image and good mental health using easy to implement evidence-based strategies.

It is appropriate for use with children aged six years and up and features stories and examples from children, young people, parents and teachers of both genders, different cultural backgrounds, and a range of ages to help inspire and engage. Recommendations are also made for educators to foster healthy body image and well-being at the school, class and student level.

Topics covered include:

  • How to be a positive role model to others
  • How to handle teasing and body bashing
  • The dangers of dieting
  • How to be media literate
  • Why and where to go to for help


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