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Contemporary World Television

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What is happening today in the world of world television? With intense commercialisation and more open national markets, along with technological convergence and greater concentration of ownership, the international TV landscape is changing at a bewildering pace and in a host of different ways.
Contemporary World Television presents a unique overview of the global issues raised by these transformations in television. It looks at how they have affected the public interest and society across the globe and how the role of television as a nation-builder is experiencing erosion and evolution.

The book's host of international expert contributors also examine TV's handling of news, and sexual content and its role in military conflicts. As well, they provide current assessments of how the global trends have diversely affected many different countries, regions, or language communities outside the Anglophone mainstream. Fully illustrated, the book also uses case studies and selected reading guides and thus provides a transparent and accessible but in-depth introduction to central developments, issues, and concerns in contemporary world television.

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