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100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Revision

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The word 'revision' can strike fear into the heart of teachers and students alike. The exam cycle in today's modern education system can feel relentless, resulting in students suffering from information overload and exam fatigue. But it doesn't have to be like this! John Mitchell strongly believes that revision can be an opportunity to deepen students' understanding of a topic in an innovative, collaborative, and fun way – you just need to think outside the box!

In this brilliant book, John Mitchell offers a diverse range of activities, games, tips and tricks that teachers can use in the classroom to help guide students through this stressful period. By combining theory with strategies tried and tested in the classroom, it will help teachers to create a culture where students are encouraged to review and reinforce their learning. This consistent approach means that revision becomes an everyday process rather than one that is just used in the run-up to exams.

From adaptations of well-known games, such as Connect Four and Runaround, to brand new activities, there are ideas that are suitable for every learning style and subject. 100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Revision will help you to prepare students for exams effectively, alleviate stress and reintroduce fun into your revision sessions.

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