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100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Outstanding RE Lessons

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An absolute gift to the RE community – Mary Myatt

With an emphasis on all faiths and beliefs, 100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Outstanding RE Lessons presents tried-and-tested ideas that can be used in any lesson about religion.

Andy Lewis uses his experience as Director of Religious Education to share ideas and advice on how to construct a successful RE lesson, engage students in the subject, provide effective feedback and exam techniques, and bring RE to life in the secondary curriculum. RE can be a very difficult subject to teach as many of the topics that come up can be challenging to discuss with young people, especially with the complexities in legal status, curriculum content and public perceptions. God, ethics, death – just a few topics that could cause controversy in your classroom! Covering a range of different faiths, beliefs and worldviews, this book is suitable for all RE teachers regardless of the syllabus they are teaching.

100 Ideas for Secondary Teachers: Outstanding RE Lessons is the essential resource for helping students to develop an understanding between communities and eradicate religious prejudices and stereotypes, with cross-curricular strategies that reach out to members of local faith communities and use technology to 'visit' sacred sites.

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