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Australian School Leadership Today

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School leaders play a critical role in shaping learners for the future. In Australia, some states have begun to establish programs to develop excellence in leadership through professional development programs, strategic initiatives, support, and networking opportunities for school leaders. And yet, up until now, there has been a dearth of scholarly output on school leadership in the Australian context to ensure the success of this next generation of leadership training.

This book brings together the expertise, research, and experience of twenty-nine of the best of Australia's educational academics and practitioners to dissect the social, historical and cultural contexts within which educational leadership is understood and practised today.

Four sections cover the major topics of:

  • Contexts and challenges facing educational leaders
  • Leadership issues and approaches
  • Professional learning and development for leaders
  • Leadership in and for successful schools

A must read for all undergraduate and postgraduate students of school leadership, current teacher and leader practitioners, system-level educational leaders and policy makers.

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