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Infinity - Episode 2 'The Beginning?' (Lifetime Access)

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Series Synopsis
Infinity: What on Earth Are We Thinking? 
is a new entertaining and engaging, high quality feature documentary film series, exploring one of the most significant unanswered questions of our time 'Does infinity exist?'. Conversations with leading thinkers from multiple disciplines reveal the latest in scientific research and a broad range of perspectives and insights.

Infinity: What on Earth Are We Thinking? is a film of great beauty and scientific substance but is also very much about the human perspective of infinity. Conversations with scientists, philosophers, religious leaders, artists and more are merged into a filmic narrative with a powerful soundtrack and stunning visuals. If infinity exists, then it implies that the big bang is an incomplete theory and we have to look towards the multiverse theory as the most likely scenario. What does infinity mean for our spiritual existence and continuation of life on earth and beyond?

Episode 2: The Beginning?
It is thought that the big bang was the beginning of space, matter and time, and that all space and matter were created from absolutely nothing. How can we conceive of something from absolutely nothing? New understanding suggests that this might not be the case, and there could have been something before the big bang. Could time have been created with the big bang, as our current theory suggests, or has time always existed? Some scientists now believe there could be more to the big bang theory and think it is possibly only part of a very complex story.

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