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Western Arnhem Land Part Two: Rock Art and Yingana: A Walk up Injalak Hill

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Filmed in Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory of Australia, Rock Art and Yingana is part two of a series of three films about the art and culture of Western Arnhem Land. Here, culture, natural and creativity combine to reveal all the wisdoms of the world.

Part Two: Rock Art and Yingana

In this film we meet the creation mother, Yingana, painted on the rock surface of Injalak Hill. Since deep time, Aboriginal people have painted images on the rock escarpments of the Stone Country.

These images are the markers of place and connection to country, they are the images of law, knowledge and power. Today, these important records of culture and society are passed on by the artists from Injalak Arts and Crafts, to both younger generations of Aboriginal people, and now beyond, to all the corners of the earth.

Meet Isaiah Nagurrgurrba and Alan Namaniyuo as they take us on a journey up Injalak Hill. The artists from Injalak Arts and Crafts, an Aboriginal art centre in Gunbalanya, Western Arnhem Land, paint as their ancestors have always done, to mark their connection to the land and to demonstrate their rights and responsibilities to the country Aboriginal people have cared for over tens of thousands of years.

Running time: 21 mins


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