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Metro #186

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Metro is Australia's premier film and media quarterly. It is independent, outspoken and passionate about film, TV and new media from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. First published in 1968, Metro provides readers with comprehensive coverage of the region's screen industries, and features writing by some of our foremost academics, critics and industry members. Also featuring reviews of the latest local titles as well as interviews with prominent filmmakers, Metro has something for everyone – from the avid film fan to the seasoned theorist.

Combining a wide range of topics and disciplines, Metro offers a unique blend of in-depth scholarship and popular writing, capturing key trends and developments in screen culture. A partially refereed magazine, Metro keeps alive the tradition of the essay, immersing readers in thought-provoking articles that are at once analytical and accessible.


Spotlight on Queer Film
'Telling Our Love Story: AIDS, Adaptation and Neil Armfield's Holding the Man' – Dion Kagan
'Loss in Translation: Hong Khaou's Lilting' – Laurence Barber
'Queer Capers: All About E and Lesbian Cinema' – Chloe Benson
'After Priscilla: The Queer Screen Twenty-one Years on' – Glenn Dunks
'Doing It for the Kids: Gayby Baby and Same-sex Families' – Jasmine Crittenden
'Playing It Straight: Homonormativity, Equal Adoption Rights and The Dream Children' – David Crewe
'Love Blooms in the Shadows: Visakesa Chandrasekaram's Frangipani' – Gabrielle O'Brien
'Scratching the Surface: Skin Deep and "Universal" Narratives' – Zenobia Frost

Australian and New Zealand Cinema
'Old Hands, New Breed: Mad Max: Fury Road and Evolving Gender Roles' – Cavan Gallagher
'Paranoid Australia: Alone in a Strangerland' – Lauren Carroll Harris
'Elegy on the Pioneer Trail: John Maclean's Slow West' – Sarinah Masukor
'Odyssey Across the Outback: Jeremy Sims' Last Cab to Darwin' – Greg Dolgopolov
'The Comedy of Life: Making Manny Lewis' – Tim Bosanquet
'True-blue Space Travel: Shane Abbess' Infini' – Bridget Conway

Focus on Asia and the Middle East
'Expectedly Unexpected: Repetition and Understatement in the Films of Hong Sang-soo' – Anthony Carew
'Restating History: Crossroads of Youth and Korean Cinema's Byeonsa' – David Crewe
'The Taking of Cinema Mountain: Sam Ho on the Hero in Chinese Popular Culture' – Jasper Button

'Clarifying the Past: Joshua Oppenheimer's The Look of Silence' – Hanna Schenkel
'An Uphill Battle: Jennifer Peedom's Sherpa' – Julia Scott-Stevenson

The NFSA's Kodak/Atlab Cinema Collection
'The Devil's Playground' – Brian McFarlane

Industry Perspectives
'Counting the Cost: The Impact of Cinema Ticket Prices in Australia' – Bronwyn Coate and Deb Verhoeven

Regular Features
'Scope: Screen Industry Views' – Tara Judah, Daniel Golding, Lauren Carroll Harris and Liz Giuffre

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