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Metro is Australia's premier film and media quarterly. It is independent, outspoken and passionate about film, TV and new media from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. First published in 1968, Metro provides readers with comprehensive coverage of the region's screen industries, and features writing by some of our foremost academics, critics and industry members. Also featuring reviews of the latest local titles as well as interviews with prominent filmmakers, Metro has something for everyone – from the avid film fan to the seasoned theorist.

Combining a wide range of topics and disciplines, Metro offers a unique blend of in-depth scholarship and popular writing, capturing key trends and developments in screen culture. A partially refereed magazine, Metro keeps alive the tradition of the essay, immersing readers in thought-provoking articles that are at once analytical and accessible.


Australian and New Zealand Cinema
'Question Time: A Conversation with the Spierig Brothers about Predestination' – Dave Hoskin
'Treading Water: Dean Francis' Drown' – Nathan Smith
'Bloody Good Comedy: What We Do in the Shadows' – Anthony Carew
'Taking Shakespeare to the Streets: Sarah Spillane's Around the Block' – Tara Judah
'The Road Less Travelled: Matthew Saville's Felony' – Ashleigh Synnott
'Stunted Growth: Kasimir Burgess' Fell' – James Robert Douglas
'Behind Closed Doors: Josh Lawson on The Little Death' – Oliver Pfeiffer

Australia and New Zealand on the Small Screen
'A Family Affair: The Moodys and the Revitalised Australian Sitcom' – Byron Bache
'Crime Pays: Underbelly, Homicide and Blue Murder' – Andrew Nette

Focus on Asia and the Middle East
'Still Life: The Films of Tsai Ming-liang' – Anthony Carew
'Years of Being Styled: Wong Kar Wai's Many Grandmasters' – Nicholas Godfrey
'Old Recipe, New Flavour: Ritesh Batra's The Lunchbox' – Sarinah Masukor
'Looking and Longing: Shakram Mokri's Fish & Cat' – Sarah Ward

'For Peace, Not Profit: Lynette Wallworth's Tender' – Hanna Schenkel
'Struggling with Silence: Rachel Perkins' Black Panther Woman' – Julia Scott-Stevenson
'Breaking Through the Wall: China's 3Dreams' – Jasmine Crittenden
'The Horror and the Humanity: Wang Bing's 'Til Madness Do Us Part' – Sarah Ward
'Songs from the Heart, Sung on the Street: Daniel Ziv's Jalaman' – Dan Edwards

The NFSA's Kodak/Atlab Cinema Collection
'Night Cries: A Rural Tragedy' – Deane Williams

Industry Perspectives
'Wild Web Series: The Journey to Wastelander Panda' – AR Collins
'Dancing to a Different Tune: Indian Filmmakers on Bollywood Today' – Boris Trbic

Regular Features
'Book Reviews: Transnational Film Culture in New Zealand by Simon Stigley' – Ann Hardy
'Book Reviews: Celluloid Ceiling edited by Gabrielle Kelly and Cheryl Robson' – Karen Pickering
'Scope: Screen Industry Views' – Michael Clarkin, Liz Giuffre, Daniel Golding, Tara Judah, Lauren Carroll Harris and Alan Weedon

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