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Dreamhouse, The

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In this refreshing six-part series narrated by Adam Hills, three young adults with intellectual disabilities fly the nest and move into a new home for ten weeks. Experiencing life away from parents and learning to live more independently is a dream for all of them. And if it works out, they can stay on and call the Dreamhouse home.

Justin and Sarah have Down syndrome. While Justin is confident and cocky and keen to assert his role as house alpha male, Sarah is a practicing Christian, and more docile and conservative. Kirk, the youngest, is very loud and energetic and hopes to make new friends, but his autism means that social relationships can be challenging. Over ten weeks, these three, very different people go on a huge learning curve as they explore how to manage a house and how to live with each other. They party, fight, flirt and above all grow exponentially in the process, and reveal a vibrant new world that is theirs alone.

The Dreamhouse is life-changing for Justin, Sarah and Kirk, and also for their parents, who watch their children grow in self-confidence and flourish in the most unexpected ways that will affect their lives profoundly. Give people the opportunity and watch them flower. Bursting with humour, conflict and tenderness, The Dreamhouse provides a bold insight into a world rarely seen before on television.

'The Dreamhouse is, no mistake, a heart-warmer and a tear-jerker. But it's more than that … The Dreamhouse instead shows [the housemates] as people with abilities, flaws, hopes, desires and dreams the same as any of us.' – Sydney Morning Herald

'Every so often a TV show comes along that changes the way we think about others, about society, about ourselves. Positively, for the better and in a way that enriches the lives of everyone.' – The Age

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ATOM has also produced a study guide for The Dreamhouse. This study guide is available for download here.

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