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Look up at the stars and you see a million points of light – you're looking at the entire universe. But what is out there? Let Sam Neill take you on the ultimate journey into deep Space to find out.

Star Stuff: Where did we all come from? Star Stuff explores the origins of life on planet Earth and comes to the surprising conclusion that we may all be aliens...

Staying Alive: Sam Neill voyages into space in search of the cosmic killers which could threaten our very existence – comets and asteroids.

Black Holes: An exploration of the strange and terrifying world of the universe's ultimate monster – the black hole. More of them are being discovered all the time, but where are they – and is our planet in danger?

Are We Alone? A journey through the cosmos in search of alien life. We seek out planets around distant stars and dive into the oceans of other worlds – seeking out an answer to the question: is there anybody out there?

New Worlds: Sam Neill explores humanity's long-term future – a future where we make new homes for ourselves on other worlds as we flee from the slow but inevitable death of our sun.

Boldly Go: Will we ever see the wonders of space for ourselves? Sam Neill goes in search of the technologies that may one day take our children's children to the stars.

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