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From the Western Frontier: Angela's Rules

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From childhood, Angela Rule was destined to become a pop singer. As the eldest of nine girls growing up in Perth, she stood out for her beautiful voice and songwriting talent. Her father, Kevin, was an artist and traditional dancer who inspired Angela to follow a path of creativity. However, life turned upside-down for the Rule family when their father was killed in a shocking one-punch incident.

At the tender age of seventeen, Angela sacrificed her musicial ambitions and took on the responsibility of supporting her grieving mother and eight sisters. The grief spurred Angela to express her own feelings through songwriting.

Now, ten years later, she is making her mark in the pop world. Drawing deeply on her life experiences, she has created a repertoire of catchy and moving songs, which she performs in a gutsy, engaging style to big crowds in her hometown of Perth.

‘Angela’s Rules’ is a poignant and upbeat story of resilience and courage and is a testament to the healing power of creativity.

'Angela's Rules' is from Series 2 of From the Western Frontier. The other episode in this series is 'Fighter'.

The three episodes from Series 1 of From the Western Frontier are also available to purchase on DVD. They are 'Elizika', and 'Thunderstorms' and 'My Three Families'.

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