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2019 ATOM Media Production Process Reflection Structured Questions for VCE Media Units 3&4

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These sample structured questions allow students to practice reflecting on their process of working through the media product process (MPP) as part of creating their media product for the School Assessed Task. These questions are not designed to be used as a part of formal assessment but expose students to the type of self-reflection that may be required on the end-of-year exam.

Includes 4 short to medium-length answer questions

These structured questions have been created by experienced Media VCE teachers to reflect the new Media study design (2018–2022). This resource includes carefully written questions that reflect the changes in the study design, a comprehensive marking guide which includes 'teacher notes' that explain the aspects of each question and 'marking criteria' that break down how each question could be graded.

NB: The ATOM SAC 2019 is not an official VCAA document and should be only used as a guiding document. Any materials used for VCE Assessment should be modified so it is appropriate to your cohort of students.

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