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Only in Oz (ATOM Study Guide)

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Only in Oz is an entertaining, informative and often irreverent adventure series, following four young Australians as they crisscross the world's only island continent to discover the precious, proud and truly out of the ordinary. Tyson, Stephanie, Luke and Nush take us on a fun, enlightening journey that will enchant and amuse viewers with its upbeat style that is highly visual with an emotional core. The series contains eight episodes, each of which includes five short stories focusing on a particular place or experience in Australia.

Delving into the past, present and future, each of the eight episodes explores a part of the Australian experience that defines and unites its people. From Ned Kelly to Ningaloo, shipwrecks to sinkholes, opals to aliens, Only in Oz tells the (often unexpected) stories connected to landscape, history, science and society that all contribute to make Australia unique. The series transports the viewer from coast to coast with stunning drone shots showcasing incredible landscapes, archival footage giving rare insight into Australian history and the clever use of animation to explain and enlighten.

Only in Oz takes viewers along with its presenters as they meet world-renowned experts in the fields of science and technology, history, natural history, geology, exploration, astronomy, anthropology and sociology, all seen through the distinctive prism of the Australian experience.

Many of the stories could be used by teachers as a stimulating and engaging way of introducing parts of the curriculum to students ranging from Years 5-12. This study guide presents ways in which the stories in episodes 1 and 2 of the series can be used in Years 5-12 classrooms in a variety of curriculum areas.

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