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Aussie Gumnuts Children's Stories (1-Year Access)

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Aussie Gumnuts Children's stories are a series of books about a lovable group of Australian animal friends, and their fun, fantasy adventures in the Australian Bush. In these refreshingly charming stories, friendship and fun are the keys to investigating and learning about the bush. The Aussie Gumnuts overcome difficulties and find new friends along the way.

Nicola, the author, was inspired to write the Aussie Gumnuts Series, while wandering the hills of Roleystone in Western Australia. As a child, he fell in love with the running rivers catching marrons walking through the tall trees climbing rocks while looking out over the deep valley with nature all around.

Nicola developed an early fascination for the unusual wild-life, mountains and rocks, scorching sun, brilliant blue skies and tall swaying gum trees. He loved the smell of eucalyptus and exploring the wide open spaces. Nicola also developed a deep and lasting respect for the ways of Australia's first people. To read Nicola's stories is to share his love of this wonderful land called Australia.

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