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Literacy for Personal Use - VCE VM and Pathways Tools (eBook)

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Literacy for Personal Use is a literacy unit within the VCE VM and Pathways Literacy Program (Unit 1). It encourages students to develop their personal literacy skills by working with a range of text types, and developing their understanding of the audience, purpose, context and writing tools that are used to create effective texts. The unit requires students to work with and respond to a wide range of text types, including print, digital and multi-media texts.

Literacy for Personal Use – VCE VM and Pathways Tools is an eBook which meets the needs of teachers and trainers who are working with young people in senior high school and tertiary education settings who have developing literacy skills.

Contents include:

  • Teacher information pages
  • Reading tips for students
  • Analysing text pages
  • Biographies
  • Short stories
  • Diary entries
  • Articles
  • Workplace documents
  • Workplace policies and procedures
  • Visual texts
  • Posters and newsletters
  • Reflection journal template pages
  • Analysing text template document for students
  • Assessment rubrics

The wide range of text types and reading levels allows teachers to easily meet the needs of a diverse range of students within a single class or group.
Terms of use: Please do not upload this resource onto a share drive or folder. Please enjoy using this resource with your own class or group and encourage other teachers or trainers to purchase their own copy for their students.

Format: PDF, 112-pages

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