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Me Romantic Romani (ATOM study guide)

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Me Romantic Romani (2014) is an Italian feature film directed by Laura Halilovic.

Eighteen-year-old Gioia Tracovic (Claudia Ruza Djordjevic) is a Romani girl who lives with her family in Falchera on the outskirts of Turin. Her father, Armando (Antun Blazevic), is at a loss because his daughter is still unmarried. Her mother, Veronica (Dijana Pavlovic), is keen to see Gioia settled but understands her daughter's desire to fall in love. When Gioia's friend Morena (Sara Savoca) introduces Gioia to Alessandro (Marco Bocci), an unlikely friendship results between the young woman and the older man. Gioia has aspirations to work in cinema and Alessandro knows Enrico (Giuseppe Gandini), a local film director. While Armando continues his search for a husband for Gioia, Gioia discovers Woody Allen's Manhattan, falls in love with Alessandro, gets a job on a film set and becomes all the more determined to achieve her ambitions.

Me Romantic Romani is suitable for students in Years 9–12 studying English, Languages (Italian), Health and Human Development and Media Studies.

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