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Finding Albert Jacka (ATOM Study Guide) - PRIMARY School Version

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This educational resource on Albert Jacka has been produced to help Primary and Secondary students connect with one of Australia's most famous people. In doing so students will develop knowledge and understanding of the experience of this World War 1 soldier, and his life after the war.

A window into the past

Students will critically analyse a variety of evidence, and use this evidence to decide what sort of a person Jacka was, what he did and why, and what he has contributed to Australian history and identity. A key aspect is for students to consider: does this man have anything to offer me today as a citizen?

The life of this individual soldier also provides a window into the experience of the more than 300 000 soldiers (and nurses) who served overseas during the war, and whose post-war lives were influenced by their war experience.

In this way Jacka's life can serve as a way of setting up hypotheses about the war experience of Australians during World War 1, which can then be tested against other knowledge and myths that the students can explore.

Inquiry based

The approach is evidence-based. Students are asked to look at a variety of evidence from the time, and to use it to develop their own knowledge and understanding of the Australian experience of war, and empathy with the men and women who were thrust into it.

Curriculum applicability

There are two versions: one for Primary students at years 5 and 6, which emphasises students finding out about the man and his role in Australian history; and one for Secondary students, which uses Jacka as a way of exploring the themes set out in the history curriculum for Year 9.

The resources and activities are also appropriate for students of English, developing the skills of writing a biographical text, and for Civics, thinking about what makes a good citizen.

A caution

Some of the materials in the book include many disturbing realities of war. It is important that teachers maintain control of the materials that are presented in their classrooms, and that they choose what they decide is appropriate in the circumstances of their own classes.

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