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ATOM Groundswell Schools Competition (Education Kit)

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Now is the time for all of us to truly begin putting into action all that's available to us to heal and protect the future of our planet. - Jamie Durie OAM, 2019

Much-loved television personality and environmentalist Jamie Durie is on a mission to inspire people around the world to make their homes and their lives more sustainable, and in turn safeguarding the planet for future generations.

Jamie Durie's Groundswell is a revolutionary content project that will change the way people connect with global environmental issues. Distributed across multiple digital platforms, it celebrates the great people, ideas and innovations in Australia and around the world, and encourages viewers to make sustainable choices in their lives

Groundswell is a direct response to the apathy and disinterest of traditional media outlets and governments to the extensive work being done around the world to find better ways for humans to exist on planet Earth. Through showcasing how these sustainability initiatives can make a difference culturally, socially and economically, Groundswell wants to inspire people to think creatively about what they can do to build a positive future.

A particular focus of Groundswell is addressing the sense of helplessness that young people feel in the face of climate change. They want to take action and they want adults to do the same. The project's objective is to not only inspire children and teenagers to act by showing them what others are doing, but to give them an outlet to have their say and transform their communities. By accessing the online hub, primary and secondary school students can submit content about sustainability. The students' contributions will be complemented by content showing individuals and groups of people who are already taking action to reduce the human impact on the environment not just in Australia, but around the globe.

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