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Thousand Words Unspoken, A (ATOM Study Guide)

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A Thousand Words Unspoken is a personal story about brotherly love and betrayal. It unpacks the reunion of two brothers, Jeremiah and Derek, who are five years apart in age. They took radically different paths in coming to terms with their sexual identities as gay men. Filmmaker Derek travels back to Singapore to investigate how the adoption of Christianity has changed Jeremiah and his sexuality. At the same time Derek intends to reveal to Jeremiah a secret that has been deeply buried for the last thirty years. It was him who outed Jeremiah all those years ago.

Curriculum Links:

This is a film about how far and to what extent, family members with fundamentally different beliefs and understandings can come to some understanding and acceptance of the way other family members have chosen to live. Is living 'a good life' the same for everyone? What might 'a good life' mean? A Thousand Words Unspoken would be suitable for middle and senior secondary students (aged between 13–18) in the following curriculum areas:

  • Religious Studies
  • Civics and Citizenship
  • Media Studies

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