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Ottoman Empire (c.1299-c.1683), The

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Year 8 History: The Ancient to the Modern World is a series of eleven classroom resources – produced by ATOM – that are designed to impart the knowledge, historical skills and understanding of key concepts required in key curriculum documents for all states and territories in Australia.

This resource focuses on the elective unit 'The Ottoman Empire (c.1299–c.1683)' within the depth study 'The Western and Islamic World / Europe and the Medieval World', which is part of the Australian Curriculum for Year 8 History.

Each resource:

  • Is a self-contained, practical classroom resource that fulfils all curriculum requirements and can be the basis of the entire classroom unit;
  • Engages students by starting with a concept-developing activity that taps into students' current knowledge and understanding of the topic, and uses that as a base for further development;
  • Is inquiry-based – that is, students 'find out by working out' through evidence and other information;
  • Includes a rich variety of information and evidence – stories, documents, pictures, maps and artefacts;
  • Is fully photocopiable for classroom use by individuals or groups;
  • Incorporates Bloom's taxonomy-based questions and activities to make the resource appropriate for the greatest variety of learning styles and abilities;
  • Includes a variety of classroom and research activities;
  • Uses scaffolded questions to ensure students are able to progress at appropriate rates of understanding;
  • Provides a variety of possible assessment activities;
  • Includes fun tasks, such as crosswords, art activities and word codes;
  • Includes 'history mystery' for students to solve using a variety of evidence;
  • Incorporates the most up-to-date information in a way that suits the Year 8 experience;
  • Suggests follow-up activities to enable students to use the resource as a springboard for further development of knowledge and understanding;
  • Includes a teacher guide for using the unit effectively in the classroom;
  • Reflects the reality of classroom needs for a manageable approach in terms of time, resources and effective pedagogy.

Please note: This product is a 64-page A4 booklet.

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