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Making a People and a Nation 1888-1920

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Features of this Student Inquiry Resource:

  • Specially written for the new VCE curriculum for Australian History, starting in 2016 – specifically Unit 3, Area of Study 2: 'Transformations: Colonial Society to Nation'
  • Detailed narrative sets the context and explains the main features of the period clearly, simply and thoroughly
  • Rich in primary source evidence (written and visual documents)
  • Inquiry questions challenge students to develop their own understandings based on the knowledge
  • Classroom activities help students develop concepts, knowledge, understanding and empathy
  • Skills-based approach requires students to analyse evidence and develop the historical inquiry skills set out in the curriculum
  • Signposts direct students to areas where historians differ, and to controversies within each unit
  • Suitable as individual teacher or student resources, and as a class text for students

Please note: This product is three A4 booklets of ~50 pages each.

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