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Senior English Skills: Preparing for VCE English

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Senior English Skills: Preparing for VCE English is a comprehensive workbook designed specifically to help prepare Year 10 students for success in their senior English studies. In addition to detailed explanations and examples of key concepts, this practical resource includes word banks, model sentences and paragraphs, sentence starters, prompts and annotated sample responses to build students' confidence and skills progressively.

The title is divided into three sections, each targeting a key element of senior English study: text analysis; writing skills; and argument and language analysis.

Section 1: Analysing texts guides students through the process of producing well-constructed and insightful analytical responses to individual texts.
Section 2: Crafting texts leads students to create their own texts across the four key areas of writing (imaginative, reflective, informative and persuasive), teaching them to use key ideas and mentor texts as inspiration and take into account audience, context and purpose.
Section 3: Exploring argument takes a step-by-step approach to developing students’ skills in analysing argument and language in a holistic way, and includes a detailed chapter guiding students in presenting their own point of view on an issue.

By encouraging focused practice of these key skills, Senior English Skills: Preparing for VCE English gives students the tools to become confident writers heading into their senior years.


  • Contemporary media texts for analysis
  • References to a diverse range of literary and popular texts
  • Well-scaffolded activities and exercises to suit a range of abilities
  • Tools, guidelines and examples to guide students’ writing
  • Annotated sample responses.

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