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Mediated: How the Media Shape the World Around You

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Here is the world we think we know presented to us as if for the very first time. From oral sex in the Oval Office to cowboy politics, from Homer Simpson to OJ Simpson, from Princess Diana's funeral to the aftermath of September 11, from reality TV to hip-hop nation, Mediated (by Thomas De Zengotita) takes us on a provocative tour of our media-drunk society. It is a brilliantly satirical treatise on our culture – the real and unreal times in which we live, the cult of celebrity and our own narcissistic response to it. Read this book and nothing that you see or hear can any longer be taken for granted.

'A haunting, fertile book … if you want to think afresh about who you are and how you came to believe what you believe, start here.' – The Observer

'Mediated has the same liveliness and intense intellectuality as Marshall McLuhan's Understanding Media.' – Norman Mailer

'Brilliant, provocative and frequently very funny.' – The Evening Standard

'A dazzling array of provocative social theories pinned around the idea that the media now permeates every strand of our experience.' – The Times

'This hip and hyper book almost audibly buzzes with observations and excitable theories.' – The Observer

'Mediated is a rare thing, a mass-market treatment of a complex subject that does more than simply popularise and instead teaches us something new … De Zengotita's playful book refreshes the parts that the austere disciples of media studies cannot reach, those parts that tell us what the media really does to our sense of self.' – The Financial Times

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