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English Handbook - 2nd Edition

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Based on the award-winning Insight English reference series, Insight’s English Handbook - 2nd Edition is a comprehensive resource covering the key aspects of secondary English study.

Supporting students from Years 7 to 12, the book is divided into the following key areas:

  • Grammar, spelling, punctuation and vocabulary
  • Writing skills
  • Media literacy
  • Literary analysis

Changes to the 2nd edition include:

  • A new 220-page digital-only section of activities with answers
  • An engaging and dynamic new design in a handy B5 format
  • Updated examples and models
  • More accessible definitions, explanations and guidelines
  • New contemporary media texts on a range of issues
  • A glossary of terms for quick reference

The digital-only activities enable students to reinforce and apply the knowledge and skills from all parts of the textbook. Questions are graded within each section, increasing in difficulty from straightforward applications of knowledge to those requiring more critical and creative thinking skills. Complete answers are provided at the end of the digital book.

The grammar, punctuation, spelling and vocabulary section provides succinct definitions and clear explanations of rules and concepts, with practical tips for remembering and applying them.

The writing skills section builds confidence and proficiency in writing and expands students’ repertoires. It explains the conventions and features of a wide range of text types, and provides detailed guidelines for planning and writing an essay and a short story. It also includes comprehensive sections on style conventions, referencing and editing.

The media literacy section builds proficiency in understanding, analysing and evaluating media texts. Highly readable and engaging, this section covers cartoons, still and moving images, advertisements, newspaper texts and internet texts, as well as the analysis of argument and persuasive language.

The literary analysis section is a comprehensive guide to understanding and analysing literature. It covers the conventions and features of the main literary forms and genres, and includes clear explanations and definitions of literary terms and techniques.

The book features:

  • Straightforward and accessible explanations of essential English knowledge and skills
  • Clear definitions, engaging examples and practical models
  • Critical and creative thinking skills embedded throughout

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