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Chasing After the Wind

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Despite a happy, loving start to life, some dire choices in Kerryn's teens sent this young Australian woman into a wild path of self-destruction. In a brutally honest account Kerryn describes the terrifying scenes she witnessed as what began as 'a bit of fun' spiralled into a shocking journey through the dark world of drug addiction. Chilling stories of some of the devastating consequences of drug use will have the reader gripped to every page.

While holding a well-respected job in a large office in South Melbourne, Kerryn had unwittingly become what would be described as a 'functioning drug user'; until suddenly the tables turned, leaving her just moments from death.

Having miraculously survived several close encounters with death, a number of overdoses and almost five months gravely ill in hospital, Kerryn has long since turned her life around and now passionately uses her knowledge and experience to warn and help others regarding the potential dangers of substance use and abuse. These life-changing experiences have paved the way for her compelling Drug & Alcohol Awareness Presentations, which she has delivered in senior schools, corporate organisations and other venues across Australia.

Intertwined with her heart-rending real-life stories, Kerryn provides vital information on the current, most commonly used drugs of addiction and a message of hope for anyone caught up in the nightmare of addiction.

For those who may have suffered trauma of any kind, this book also guides the reader to help services rather than heading down the devastating path of self-medicating.

Passionately written, for ages 15 through to adult, across all demographics, this is a compelling story that takes the reader through one person’s journey from the depths of despair to the realms of hope and is hard to put down until the final page is read.

'Compelling in its frailties, its courage, its despair, its conviction and its love.'
– Carolyn Hastings, certified practising speech pathologist

'This is a story that should be read by all – young and old, parents, teenagers and current or past addicts of all persuasions.'
– Associate professor Peter Ryan

'An astonishing book!'
– Michael Davies, publisher

'I’m sure this story will change lives!'
– Michelle Nye, B.A. Ed, Dip Ed., T.O.P.S., M. Ed

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