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Alex Schweder: Space Time Performance

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Filmed in California, Space Time Performance is a film about the inflatable sculpture A Sac of Rooms All Day Long, exhibited at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) in the fall of 2009.

In a five hour cycle, A Sac of Rooms All Day Long, made of clear vinyl, rises from a puddle of plastic on the floor in a writhing performance, in which a 900 square foot house rises within the skin of a 500 square foot Californian bungalow. As the work inflates rooms start to steal space from each other, the rooms inside distort from something recognisable back to a jumble of lines as the rooms compete with each other.

Space Time Performance was launched in Berlin by Tina DiCarlo.

Join Rome Prize Fellow Alex Schweder and sound artist Yann Novak at SFMOMA during the installation of this inflatable sculpture.

The DVD also includes a special feature, a thirty minute discussion between Alex Schweder and Peter Hylands about conducting an international art practice.

Running time: 61 mins (includes 30-mins interview with Alex Schweder)


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