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The diaries of Chinese International Students in New Zealand. Ken is seen at his loneliest, Rose at her most embracing of Kiwi freedoms, Lin at her most conflicted and uneasy, and Jane at her most triumphantly unassimilated.

The positive, intensive story in Waves provides us a clear picture of the overseas life of Chinese international students, which is lovely, colourful and special. The film is full of humanitarian connotations. This film is an excellent tool for New Zealand people to understand Chinese international students, also it will advance the cultural and educational exchanges between China and New Zealand.
– Mr Zhang, Yuanyuan, Chinese Ambassador to New Zealand

Waves serves as an exquisitely sensitive assessment of adolescent vulnerability and resilience; of the independence of individual and social identity; and the heady intensity of high school friendships.
– Bill Gosden, Director, New Zealand Film Festival

An abridged version ('Rose's school') is available for Campfire Film Foundation members at

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