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Entanglement Theory

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Entanglement Theory, produced by The Physical TV Company, is the story of a busy dancing man who takes a nap in two realities. His real self dreams and his avatar self dreams. Neither reality is quite so simple when each self wakes.

Expressed through a vivid mix of Second Life digital animation and real-life dancing, Entanglement Theory is an uplifting celebration of the possibility of unity and harmony amid diversity.

Entanglement Theory started life as a research project into dance, screen and mixed realities. It began with the question: what can be artistically achieved through a melding of dance with virtual world technologies?

In Entanglement Theory, the filmmakers draw on philosophical ideas about states of consciousness, different forms of body and multidimensional realities, along with science fiction-like theories of quantum particle entanglement. In other words, the two dancing men, each in their own reality, can meet by crossing over boundaries of conventionally perceived time and space and populate each other's performances.

This study guide to accompany Entanglement Theory has been written for middle and senior secondary students. It provides information and suggestions for learning activities in Dance, Drama and Media.

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