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Social Justice Is for Everyone

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Social Justice Is for Everyone opens up topics of racism, gender and sexuality, disability and refugee policy, abuse of workers, care of children and older people, death and euthanasia, health and mental health, economic inequality, and access to education.

41 essays, 14 chapters, and 300 pages develop the ideas that every issue of social justice is part of the issue of social equity; that all issues intersect; and that hierarchical power is the meta-issue. Feminist theory, critical social theory, psychological theory, and analysis of power relations are interwoven to provide the framework for discussion.

Social justice work, as characterised in this book, involves unpacking power, exposing and challenging its abuses, and promoting its redistribution. It celebrates diversity, respects difference, forges connections across issues and groups, and amplifies marginalised voices.

Social Justice Is for Everyone deals with complex issues in a conversational style, raising questions rather than claiming to have ready solutions. It draws on the author's background as a feminist academic and practitioner (now retired) who has always worked at the intersection of the personal and the political.

This book is an invitation to anyone and everyone with any level of interest in any dimension of social justice to join a conversation. It provides an opportunity for reflection on social justice as a work in progress, the importance of holding hope, and never ever, ever giving up.

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