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Scientists Who Changed the World: Stephen Hawking

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The Scientists Who Changed the World series looks at some of the world's greatest scientists and how their work and discoveries changed society. It takes the social and theological forces that affected scientists in each individual era and examines how their discoveries in turn helped shaped the world around them, both at the time and in the future.

Stephen Hawking

A guide to the life of well-known scientist Stephen Hawking. This book looks at his biography, his reputation, how his legacy has changed the world. It also explores the origins of the universe, studying space, and spreading ideas.

Stephen Hawking advanced our understanding of the universe more than any other scientist of his day. His career was intrinsically tied to his impact on society, and he was a source of inspiration to many people who also fought the odds to achieve their dreams.

This beautifully designed biography will teach young readers (ages 9–13) what Hawking learned about black holes and time, why he believed that humans must live on other planets, and how his discoveries have changed our understanding of the world.

Stephen Hawking altered our understanding of the universe with his extraordinary pursuit of a 'Theory of Everything'

The author, Anita Croy, studied languages at the University of London, and she has written numerous books for young readers.

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