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What I Wrote - Andrew Bovell

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Andrew Bovell combines a deep understanding of patterns with intelligence and sensitivity to produce some of the most haunting Australian plays and films. He is best known for the series which culminated in the film Lantana. In Holy Day he explores our relationship with land and history, and in the award-winning When the Rain Stops Falling, he traces four generations against a backdrop of environmental damage and change.

This two-DVD set contains:

A thirty-four minute filmed interview
Ten 'lesson starter' short films
Teacher's notes
Easy-to-use menus

Andrew Bovell discusses the development of his ideas and themes, characters, dramaturgy, social and historical context, his inspirational sources and tips for young writers.

Running Time: 111 minutes (main film: 34 minutes)

The main film includes highlights from the lesson starter films.


Adjusting Patterns: The Plays of Andrew Bovell


  • Ideas to Script 
  • Patterns 
  • Script to Stage 
  • Writer’s Tips


  • After Dinner
  • Holy Day
  • Lantana Series
  • Scenes from a Separation
  • When the Rain Stops Falling
  • Who’s Afraid of the Working Class?

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