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Daughter explores how women are viewed in society by following three different women out on a Friday night in St Kilda, Melbourne. On this fateful night, after a series of separate events and experiences, their lives become entwined and affected by an act of violence.

Suitable for viewing and analysis within secondary-level classrooms, TAFEs, libraries and larger community group screenings, Daughter is a 28-minute short film that can be utilised to discuss victim blaming, gender-based violence, stereotypes and the perceptions of women through a media lens.

Daughter brings awareness to the issues facing women today and shows people that we need to work together to eradicate violence and inappropriate behaviour towards women.
– Female student of the Advanced Diploma of Justice, Holmesglen TAFE Waverley Campus

Daughter complemented the student's learning around victim blaming and gendered crime within their various criminal justice units. Students and teachers alike found the film to be thought provoking and a good platform to begin a discussion about challenging stereotypes and changing attitudes towards violence within our community. Challenging stereotypes and victim blaming is a conversation that we need to be having in our communities.
Tamara Cousins, Course Coordinator Advanced Diploma of Justice, Holmesglen TAFE Waverley Campus

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