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Media Teacher Toolkit: Screen Production Essentials (Volume 1)

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Welcome to the Media Teacher Toolkit, where our industry experience & passion for media studies meets your need for highly engaging classroom media tasks.

Volume 1 - Screen Production Essentials

In this exciting DVD-ROM, students are introduced to the foundational building blocks of screen production. Screen Production Essentials will teach your students the core skills required to produce visually engaging work of a professional standard.

Skills are scaffolded progressively as each task builds upon the skills taught in preceding projects. Our tasks are designed to be customised to fit your existing teaching program (they have been used effectively in various contexts from Years 8-12) and are all presented in a web-friendly interactive layout.

The main topics covered in this volume are:

  • Easy-to-understand compositional and framing techniques
  • In-depth explanation of various camera moves and tips on how to perform them effectively
  • Editing essentials using Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X & Final Cut Pro 7
  • Creating effective soundscapes with practical sound essentials.

Additional bonus content includes:

  • Over two hours of informative step-by-step video tutorial training
  • Customisable marking rubrics
  • Step-by-step finished exemplars
  • Copyright-free media assets (including HD video assets) to save you time and hassle – giving you and your students engaging editable content 'out of the box'.

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