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Elizabethan Lady, The (3-Day Rental)

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Kevin Hicks of The History Squad has been working in schools, colleges and historic sites for over seventeen years, leading dramatic and powerful presentations and workshops. Thoroughly researched, these historically accurate performances inspire and engage learners with commanding narrative and first-hand accounts of what life was like in the selected historical context; what it was like to live through and be directly involved with both key moments in history and every day.

With the aim of bringing to life key moments in history through dramatic performances, we offer a collection of 10- to 15-minute monologues of characters from history. The films provide learners with an opportunity to put their learning in context, helping them better understand complex issues, which can be seen in their subsequent work.

This film is ideal for providing students with an overview of Elizabethan England, through the eyes of a wealthy woman. It includes discussion regarding the impact of population growth and the development of towns as well as the treatment of vagrants.

The film includes references to the following historical events and ideas:

  • Overcrowding in London, leading to diseases such as the Plague.
  • Demographic trends.
  • The increase in international trade.
  • The failure of harvests and the collapse of the cloth trade and the effect of these on society.
  • Christian Aid.
  • Henry VIII, the dissolution of the monasteries and the continuing problems that this caused in Elizabethan England.
  • Vagabonds, licences to beg and the Elizabethan poor law.
  • The theatre (The Globe).

Running time: 7min 31sec (plus 1min 28sec interview)

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