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Wonderful World End (ATOM study guide)

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Wonderful World End (2014) is a Japanese feature film directed by Daigo Matsui.

Seventeen-year-old Shiori Hayano (Ai Hashimoto) is an aspiring model and actress. She uses TwitCasting, an online vlogging platform, to stay in contact with her many followers. Shiori is handing out flyers for a play when she meets her biggest fan, shy thirteen-year-old girl Ayumi (Jun Aonami), who Shiori knows by her screen name 'Ami'. Ayumi has run away from her home in Yokohama to meet Shiori.

To Shiori's surprise, her boyfriend Kohei (Yu Inaba) invites Ayumi to stay with them. Later, when Shiori and Kohei argue, Shiori turns to Ayumi for comfort. An intense friendship develops between the two girls. Eventually, Ayumi's mother (Machida Marie) finds her daughter and brings her home. She disapproves of the relationship between Shiori and Ayumi. Upset and unable to contact Ayumi, Shiori leaves school, stops TwitCasting and closes down her blog. Meanwhile, Ayumi has become friends with another girl. She still thinks of Shiori and one day tries to find her.

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Wonderful World End is suitable for students in Years 9–12 studying English, Languages (Japanese) and The Arts (Media Arts).

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