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Teenage Boss - Series 2 (ATOM Study Guide)

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Hosted by star mathematics teacher, Eddie Woo, Teenage Boss sees a range of teenagers from diverse families put in charge of the monthly budget to teach them valuable lessons about financial responsibility and planning. Under Eddie's mentorship, the teenagers experience for the first time the ups, downs, fun and fear of the real world financial challenges their parents have to face every day.

Teenage Boss is an observational documentary series that can be used to teach students about the value of money and the importance of consumer and financial literacy.

Developing consumer and financial literacy skills is essential in ensuring that children and teenagers are able to make responsible and informed decisions and are equipped to face financial challenges now and in the future. It is very important that children and teenagers are provided engaging and authentic contexts to develop consumer and financial literacy skills.

Curriculum Links:

The series is suitable viewing for students in Years 5 to 8.

  • Consumer and financial literacy
  • English
  • Humanities and Social Sciences: Economics and Business
  • Mathematics
  • Ethical Understanding
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy

Teachers of Years 5 and 6 may find the episodes that feature the youngest participants are more appropriate for their students. Teachers are advised to preview Teenage Boss prior to use in the classroom.


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