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Silent No More: How #MeToo Is Changing Australia (ATOM Study Guide)

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When television journalist Tracey Spicer sent out a tweet in October 2017 asking Australians if they had their own #MeToo stories in the wake of Harvey Weinstein, little did she know it would become the biggest challenge she had ever taken on. Women and men, from every kind of workplace around the country, began contacting her with their untold stories of sexual harassment and assault. And as the number of messages grew from the hundreds to the thousands, Tracey became an accidental advocate, passionately committed to helping their stories be heard.

Silent No More follows Tracey as she explores how MeToo is changing Australia. She tackles the confusion and backlash MeToo has caused; speaks to ordinary Australians brave enough to share their experiences; shines a light on how the system can and must be reformed; and looks at how MeToo can be the catalyst for positive change for men and women, today and in future generations.

With exclusive access to men and women who have been directly affected, as well as their partners and families, Silent No More goes behind the headlines to reveal the true cost of sexual harassment for all of us and pinpoints what can be done to make things better for everyone.

In Episode 1, Tracey shines a light on the issue, its impact on ordinary Australians, and tackles the confusion about what is and isn't sexual harassment.

In Episode 2, Tracey examines the Australian Federal Government's response to MeToo – a world-first National Inquiry, and she supports individuals who are seeking justice. But as the momentum for change grows, so does the backlash.

In Episode 3, more than 18 months into the journey, Tracey digs deeper and explores how we can all move forward by changing the conversation and culture. As she reveals how much things are shifting, at the grassroots and at the top, we discover how the next generation can help eliminate sexual harassment.

Silent No More addresses the confusion and anger that MeToo has stirred, and gives us the tools and insights we need to take part in a national conversation, in our homes, families, schools and workplaces. As Tracey says, 'Australia is at a crossroads'. This series is about how we can all move forward in the wake of MeToo and help drive positive change for everyone.

Curriculum Links:

Silent No More is suitable viewing for students in Years 10 – 12 in Civics and Citizenship, English, Health and Human Development, Legal Studies and Media.

The Silent No More study guide has been designed to build a range of skills, knowledge and behaviours in students. The study guide provides opportunities for students to:

  • define sexual harassment;
  • examine the nature and prevalence of sexual harassment in Australia;
  • identify the drivers of sexual harassment;
  • identify measures to address sexual harassment;
  • examine the current legal framework with respect to sexual harassment;
  • acknowledge the impact that sexual harassment can have on people's health and wellbeing;
  • acknowledge the impact that sexual harassment can have on society;
  • identify the importance of the MeToo movement in both present and future societies;
  • recognise the necessity of treating others with an appropriate standard of behaviour;
  • develop strategies to deal with unwanted or inappropriate contact.

Teachers are advised to consult the curriculum outlines for these subjects relevant to their state or territory.

Silent No More is applicable to the teaching of the Australian Curriculum General Capabilities:

  • Critical and Creative Thinking
  • Ethical Understanding
  • Information and Communication Technology Capability
  • Personal and Social Capability

Silent No More is an appropriate resource to use in pastoral care programs at Year 10 – 12. The documentary promotes students' understanding about protecting themselves and others. They can identify the harms associated with particular situations and behaviours and how to take action to minimise these harms.

Some students may find that viewing and discussing people's experiences of sexual harassment distressing. Some students may have experienced or witnessed sexual harassment, and may become upset during the screening or when discussing Silent No More. Some students may also disclose or report incidents of sexual harassment. Teachers are advised to contextualise the viewing and analysis of Silent No More and to complete some introductory activities about the subject of sexual harassment to identify students who may need additional support.

Due to the sensitive subject matter, teachers should establish ground rules for class discussion about Silent No More including:

  • listen without interrupting;
  • respect one another's views;
  • criticise ideas not individuals.

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