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Santa's Apprentice (Worksheets)

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Santa's Apprentice is a timeless and heartwarming animated adventure – an imaginative tale about what happens when it's time for Santa to find a successor. Not everyone can be a Santa. It takes very special qualities.

After a shaky start the correct boy is located, and his name just happens to be Nicholas. It's a big a responsibility that would scare even the bravest boy, but Nicholas wants to be the best Santa ever. He will learn a few lessons along the way, and so will Santa! Luckily Christmas has a way of making even the biggest mishaps turn out okay and thanks to his loving mentors, Nicholas learns the true meaning of Christmas.

With an all-star cast including Shane Jacobson, Delta Goodrem, Magda Szubanski, Hugh Sheridan, Max Cullen and Georgie Parker, Santa's Apprentice follows Nicholas, a seven-year-old Australian boy, on his adventure as he struggles with the ups and downs of being the next Santa Claus.

Thinking about the film in the classroom and at home

Santa's Apprentice is a lighthearted story about the trials and tribulations of being an elderly Santa Claus and the related responsibilities of finding and training the next Santa. It is an entertaining film that is underpinned by significant themes. The story offers great opportunities to explore with children (and adults) some key competencies or personal attributes required for success in everyday life, such as perseverance, thoughtfulness, kindness and consideration for others. The film will be enjoyed most by children from preschool age to those in Years 2 or 3, but will also captivate and entertain older audiences, particularly those with a vivid imagination.

This study guide provides teachers, parents and children from preschool to early primary levels with background information and a range of discussion questions and activities to support the curriculum areas of English, the arts, Health/Personal Development and SOSE/HISE.

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