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Secondary Starters and Plenaries: Geography

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Looking for time-saving, creative, ready-to-use activities to kickstart and round off your lessons? Look no further!

Starters and plenaries are now an essential part of all lessons and this highly practical book provides busy Geography teachers with a wealth of stimulating activities to use in the classroom. The starters will help ensure the first ten minutes of any secondary Geography lesson are motivating, energising and engaging for pupils, and the plenaries will help them to reflect on and embed their learning as the lesson draws to a close.

Rich pupil stimuli, step-by-step instructions, teacher's tips and extension exercises will help you to create outstanding learning opportunities across diverse areas of the Geography curriculum, including both the human and physical domains.

The book is accompanied by additional online resources giving you everything you need to plan and deliver high-quality starters and plenaries in Geography. It is an essential addition to every Geography teacher's toolkit.

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