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Visual Language: Elements of Design, A

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A Visual Language: Elements of Design is a practical introduction to the language of the visual arts, with a strong, innovative methodology. This expanded second edition begins with the basics of shape, composition and drawing, and gradually moves on to explore more complex arrangements, including abstract and representational analysis and composition. Building on the principles of visual language established in their last book, the authors now explore three-dimensional forms of increasing complexity.

The final chapter of the book is devoted to a selection of sketchbook studies on ten international artists from various different visual disciplines, from architects and animators to painters and performance artists. This section demonstrates practically the methods presented earlier in the book, and helps visual artists to develop skills and confidence in their artistic work.

Featuring a large number of new images, this book is essential reading for any artist in any field, regardless of their level, and is the only introduction to the visual arts that a beginner should require.


David Cohen is a well-known potter. He taught at the Edinburgh College of Art for many years, and then became head of the ceramics department at the Glasgow School of Art (1985–1991). He is now retired, but his work is exhibited all over the world. He has appeared on radio and television programs, and his work has been featured in a number of books.

David Cohen’s son, Scott Anderson teaches art and design at Cape Cod Community College, Massachusetts. He has an MFA in drawing and painting from Edinburgh College of Art, and has worked as a teacher and fine artist for many years, both in the UK and the US.

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