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Heart and Soul - Season 2 - episode 5 (3 - Day Rental)

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Series Synopsis

When a soul band of 30 schoolgirls loses their mentor and musical director, they must overcome a growing division that could destroy both their dream to tour America, and the band itself.

Episode Synopses

Episode 5 - A Change Is Gonna Come

Tour auditions reveal mounting frustrations. Steve trials a mentor-free gig to test the younger members. Ross arrives unannounced at a gig, inspiring the band to play just for him. The U.S tour is finally confirmed and so are the members who are going. But with so many spots taken by younger members, the places of Bec and Jess E are hanging in the balance.

When Lydia questions Steve's decision to give her "It's Love", he jokingly declares that he's the boss. It's Jess E who's keeping rehearsal on track, but still consults with Steve. The singers are trying for more fairness in song allocation. Bec's aware they have to keep the pressure on the younger members if they want the band's standard to get better.

At the next Cherry gig, Ebony's just not on the same page as Jess M in sound check. It's a metaphor for her relationship with the band. Jess E reiterates things for the horn section but it comes across as more of a "talking to". In her pre-gig pep talk, Wil urges the band to overcome the older/younger member divide and go wild onstage. In her duet with Ebony on "Mercy", Jess M takes on the brunt of the workload.

Sweethearts have scored a support for Japan's renowned Osaka Monaurail, but it's a Tuesday night in Barwon, and the crowd is sparse. Steve impulsively gives a song to Bree-Anna. It throws the vocalists into confusion over song allocation and Jess E has to sort the set list. Jess E and Wil set a goal for the night: to impress Osaka Monorail. Jess E warns Wil if they don't set goals they won’t do anything. The gig goes smoothly, but as Jacinta (sax mentor) laments: it’s nowhere near a U.S. standard.

The American tour auditions begin. Jess E thinks the tour should be limited to 20, with the make up of the band being built around the singers chosen. Steve's conflicted between mentors and younger members. Phoebe's drum audition is strong against Chloe and Kez. Leah's frustrated: some members aren't practising, and the older girls are constantly lecturing. It's Lydia's only chance to tour, and her audition impresses. Steve's worried about Claudia's voice. Wil explains to Steve that Ross made them work for songs and that's missing now. Wil's not sure what to do as band captain. Steve advises her to be herself, the power's in her hands.

Again, there are polar opinions between senior band members and musical directors. Wil thinks they are going downhill fast while Steve and Evan see improvement. To give younger members opportunities Steve trials the Aireys Music Festival as a mentor-free gig. The young drummers panic without Jess E. But Chloe’s thankful: she's been in the band three years and never had more than three songs.

Suddenly, Ross arrives. The girls' spirits soar. And so do their nerves. On reflection, the girls agree they played an amazing set because they wanted to play for Ross.

Steve confirms once and for all the American tour is definitely on. He reads out the list of girls who are going, prompting joy, celebration and relief. Vocalist Ebony and drummer Phoebe are among the very few who missed out. With so many younger member chosen, the spots of Jess E and Bec are suddenly not so secure. Wil tries to get confirmation out of Steve that Bec and Jess E are coming to the U.S tour rehearsals. But Steve is evasive and tells her they can’t be in the band forever.

Running time: 26-27 min

Rating: PG

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