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Who Do You Think You Are? Series 5

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In Series 5 of the critically acclaimed documentary series Who Do You Think You Are?, eight well-known Australians – Adam Hills, Asher Keddie, Don Hany, Michael Caton, Rove McManus, Susie Porter, Lex Marinos and John Howard – go in search of their ancestors. Their decision to find the definitive answer to where they come from offers the audience honest and revealing accounts of family history and an opportunity to get to know the subjects of each episode in a different way. The participants travel to the places where their ancestors would have lived and learn about their ancestors' lives. Combining emotional and personal journeys with big-picture history, these stories remind us how Australians have come to be the people that we are today.

This study guide is particularly suited for use with secondary students in the curriculum area of History, but could also be used within the subject areas of English and Media Studies.

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